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The Switch Basics

Image-Olive OIlWelcome to The Switch Blog!

The Switch is an amazing way to lose weight, maximize workouts, reduce inflammation, and overall improve health.

The basic plan of The Switch is to begin with an introduction phase of about 7-10 days of very low-carb (20 grams per day) combined with high-fat and moderate protein.

After that the idea is to phase in more carbs gradually until you are at the carb consumption level that is right for you. For most people looking for sustained, gradual weight loss the range of carbs is about 30-50 grams of carbs per day.

For those looking to simply tone up then the 7-10-day very low-carb period can be followed by higher levels of carbs but that is up to the individual and their activity level.

Either way, The Switch is very dynamic and it is a skill that can used to maintain or lose weight for life!

Food on The Switch plan involves eating just the right amount of animal-based protein, plenty of healthy oils and fats, and good amounts of veggies, herbs, and spices. Nuts, seeds, and fruits are more like treats during the initial period but then become staples after the first 10 days when carbs are increased a bit. 

Dark_Almonds_DSC_0944Treats  are also an option. Coco Polo Stevia Chocolate (Dark Almond) is a nice way to satisfy any desire for chocolate. Berries with whipped cream or raw chocolate mouse are also other options. As carb intake allowance is increased then there is more room for “treats” such as Skinny Crisp crackers with cheese or homemade paleo muffins.

The Switch is really a way of eating that is sustainable and enjoyable. Once you get the hang of it you may find yourself wanting to continue eating this way always.

And feeling great is pretty much guaranteed! Anyone doing this diet correctly has reported feeling increased energy and improved fitness level, as well as reduced inflammation.  And many ailments such as achey joints, gas, bloating, skin eruptions, nerve pain, and fatigue have been alleviated from eating this way.

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