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To Cut Calories or Cut Carbs….That is the Question

Measure waist lineThe Switch has been transforming as I have seen a certain subset of clients not losing weight with carb restriction. Or more importantly, not losing weight and not enjoying eating all that fat!

So, I am introducing a more sophisticated version of The Switch, which involves first choosing the “dietary style” that is right for you. In other words, the best foods for weight loss really depend on the person!

Read on to find out how to lose weight quickly!

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What this means is that I broadly categorize people into 3 groups: “Fat/Protein Burners”, “Veggie Burners”, and “Variety Burners”.

  • Fat/Protein Burners will love the original Switch and do very well on it. They will not only enjoy eating lots of healthy fats and moderate to high protein, they will also lose weight quickly and easily eating this way.  Fat/Protein Burners will rely more on low carb and taking in lots of fat (ketogenic diet to start) and will not really have to count calories to lose weight.  Here is a great place to look up carb and fat content of foods.
  • Veggie Burners will be turned off by the idea of eating lots of fat and protein and will crave veggies above all foods. These are people who say they LOVE KALE and some eat a vegetarian diet. For these people vegetables are their top fat burning foods and should be featured in every meal in ample amounts. These people will have to focus on calorie restriction to lose weight. This is not so bad for them because the will enjoy eating lots of veggies and smaller amounts of fat! They will enjoy the diet and will lose weight quickly and easily eating this way.
  • Variety Burners are somewhere in the middle. They will need a bit more protein and fat than the Veggie Burners. These are the people that thrive on variety and can’t bear the thought of restricting certain foods. They want it all! And that’s fine but they will have to rely on counting calories to lose weight. These people will enjoy eating a wider variety of foods and will lose weight quickly and easily eating this way.

For all types here is a quick way to determine your BMI

Your BMI is your starting point. Record this number and you can come back periodically to check on weight loss progress. 

For those that need to count calories it is best to estimate BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). This is how many calories you need to just stay alive. This doesn’t include eating (which ironically does require calories), walking around, or all of the other things we do all day. For caloric restriction weight loss you should be around your BMR or even lower. It really depends on your activity level.

Go here to calculate BMR.

There are some great apps out there to keep track of caloric intake. Lose It is one that seems to work pretty well.

Soon I will be releasing my detailed guide on how to do each of these style of dieting. And I will be putting a quiz up on the site to help you determine which type of “burner” you are!

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