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Supplements I recommend for weight loss include support in fat-burning, glucose metabolism, hormone balance, reducing inflammation and gastrointestinal health. The Paleo products are tasty and convenient as well as lower in carbs and rich in nutrients. Nothing can take the place of good old-fashioned healthy and conscientious eating but supplements can play a supportive role in weight loss.

No supplement regimen should be initiated without support from a health care professional knowledgable in the use of supplements.

For Fat Burning: Carnitine Synergy

For Maximizing Sugar Metabolism: GlucoSupreme, Metabolic Syngery, CarbXzyme, and Chromium Synergy

For Supporting Hormonal Balance: Endotrim and Adrenal Support

For Helping to Decrease Inflammation: Inflammatone

For Supporting GI Mucosal Barrier: GI Revive

For Supporting Intestinal Cells: L-Glutamine

For Supporting Beneficial Flora: Probiotics

For Meal and Snack Support: Paleo Powders and Bars

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